What is 3D Literacy?

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Every teacher counts

Open Source Classroom, LLC approaches every teacher as if they have the power to change education for a better future. We recognize the difficulties teachers face every day and we are determined to help teachers climb the learning curve of accessing and utilizing open source technologies in their classroom.

The right approach is necessary for the right outcome. We believe that education should be based on open source platforms so teachers from around the world can freely access and utilize current educational tools that foster creativity and inspire innovation.

Teachers in a workshop

Our core values

Open Source Education

The world is sharing more information about technology now more than ever. Teaching students how to utilize these resources will enrich their problem solving abilities.

Passion for Learning

Open Source Classroom, LLC is always looking for the newest educational technologies. We spend just as much time researching and developing open source technologies as we do teaching about them.


The adoption of open source ideologies will help administration make massive progressions towards a more advanced and balanced education system.

Quality Services

Our award-winning services provide teachers and students with the highest quality educational experiences.

Innovation Solutions

Our eclectic mix of industry and academic experience enhances our 3D Literacy® workshops by providing a hands-on, collaborative approach to learning.

Creativity Teaching

Connecting teachers with open source communities from around the world, we are helping revolutionize the way educational materials are shared and delivered.

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