3DX Fall Open House Events

Ready to learn about 3D printing?


3DX is the perfect opportunity for people of all ages to learn how to use 3D printers

and open source technologies to help turn a “Concept-to-Reality”.



We have four Open House sessions remaining for you to learn more about

3DX Fall Classes and the registration process:


Saturday, Sep 8th:  9am-3pm

Saturday, Sep 15th: 9am-3pm

Saturday, Sep 22nd: 9am-3pm

Saturday, Sep 29th: 9am-3pm



Open Source Classroom’s Maker Space

200 W Monroe St, Suite 104

Bloomington, IL  61701

3DX FALL 2018 FLYER Download

The 3D Experience, or 3DX, is a certification program that teaches students and teachers the design and development process of learning how to create your own 3D technologies. Each week students will learn how to use their 3D Literacy® Maker Stations platform to create new and innovative 3D projects. 3DX Level 1 classes provide weekly exercises using a variety of 3D CAD design software, 3D printers and other machines to create physical parts for electrical/mechanical components that will be programmed to interact with the 3D environment. Successful completion of the class and rubric awards a 3D Literacy® Level 1 Certificate. 3DX Level 2 classes continue expanding from the level 1 course into 3D printed robotics and more advanced projects.



Weekly 3DX classes are held at Open Source Classroom’s Maker Space in DT Bloomington. Classes start the week of October 1st, 2018 and end the week of December 10th, 2018.  We have different age groups and time slots available.

All classes include the following for 3DX participants:

  1. 3DX Level 1 class (classes are 90min, once a week for 10 weeks)
  2. 3D Literacy® Maker Station with 3DX Arduino Electronic kits
  3. 1lb Spool of PLA Filament for 3D printing, your choice of color
  4. 3-Month Maker Space Membership
  5. 3D Literacy® Certification upon successful completion of 3DX


Come by the Maker Space and learn more about 3DX at the Open House!