Maker Space

“Open Source Classroom's Maker Space provides everything you need to learn how to make just about anything.”

Open Source Classroom's Maker Space

Open Source Classroom’s Maker Space is a place where you can come and learn about 3D printers, CAD design, Coding/Programming, Robotics and other open source technologies. Located off of Veterans Parkway at 802 Eldorado Rd, Open Source Classroom’s Maker Space provides a high-tech environment where you can design, create and realize your own ideas. We recognize that there is a steep learning curve involved with utilizing new technologies and we provide a variety of classes and workshops to help start making and creating your own projects. We aim to provide a collaborative learning environment for our members and encourage them to test the limits of creativity and innovation.

Machines and tools at Open Source Classroom's Maker Space

3D Printing

3D Printer Row V2

BOSS 100W Laser Cutting/ Engraving Machine


Grizzly Lathe and Mill


CNC Milling


Computer Lab with Fiber Internet

OSC Computer Lab

Electrical Tools


Metal/Wood Working


Raspberry Pi Coding Collaboration Station


Power/Traditional Tools


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