Company History

How it all Got Started

Open Source Classroom, LLC is a company that prides it’s values and principles based on open source technology platforms.  We are committed to helping teachers learn about the endless educational possibilities that open source technologies have to offer and inspire to publish new ideas, thus encouraging exponential growth in open source technologies and 3D Literacy®.

  • Jan-2010

    We built our first open source 3D printer

    Back in 2010, the only source for 3D printing education was through the online, open source 3D printing community. It was during this time when much information about 3D printing technology was being shared and tested.

  • June-2013

    Pilot workshops with STEM and CTE teachers

    Through a partnership with STEM Education graduate coordinator, Chris Merrill, Ph.D., we administered a series of "Build Your Own 3D Printer" workshops delivering the experience to over 90 high school teachers

  • Sept-2013

    Open Source Classroom, LLC official formation

    After the pilot workshops, we realized that there is a huge demand needed in education for teachers to be trained on cutting edge technologies with relevant, affordable, and accessible educational experiences for students.

  • Nov-2013

    Open Source Classroom, LLC wins 1st Place in ISU's StartUp Showcase

    Competing against 14 other student businesses, Open Source Classroom, LLC wins 1st place garnering a prize package of over $50k in cash and in-kind services.

  • Mar-2014

    The 3D Literacy® Concept

    The 3D Literacy® Concept was developed as a foundation for any educators wanting to integrate 3D printing into their current cirricula. Open Source Classroom, LLC trademarked the term an has begun developing the The 3D Literacy® Certification program.

  • Jun-2015

    Move into 2500 sqft space location in downtown Bloomington, IL

    Needing a place to conduct large workshops, we found this location suitable to design the classroom of the future to help provide teachers with incredible professional development experiences.

  • Aug-2015

    100 3D Printer Milestone

    This marks the time where Open Source Classroom, LLC has had 100 3D printers built through the BYO3DP workshops.

  • Sept-2016

    Launching of 3DX After School Program

    In partnering with the regional office of education and local businesses, we put together an afterschool program that focuses primarily on teaching the elements of 3D Literacy® to high school students.

  • Mar-2017

    500 Teacher Milestone

    This marks the time where Open Source Classroom, LLC has had 500 teachers from all over the United States attend one of our 3D Literacy® workshops.

Workshops in 3D Literacy
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