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“I have been teaching 3D printing at the college level for six years. I assumed that I would be learning about assembling a 3D printer. However, in the process of assembling the 3D printer, I learned so much more about 3D printing than I could have ever imagined.”

John Bordeau
Computer Graphic Technology, Kankakee Community College

It is no secret that new technology trends are evolving faster than ever. It may seem impossible for the educational system to keep pace with new innovations that are revolutionizing our society. SMART devices and high-tech gadgets are becoming the norm in most new consumer goods and would not be possible without programming.  3D Programming captures the idea of integrating 2D software that interacts with the three dimensional world. There is seemingly endless potential for creativity and innovation when teachers can implement basic electronics and programming skills into learning activities with their students.

We offer a multiple levels of 1-Day professional development training opportunities over Arduino microcontroller and the Raspberry Pi open source computer. The Arduino platform provides teachers with one of the most widely used open source programming platforms in the world. There are seemingly infinite free resources and support when exploring the exciting possibilities Arduinos offer. Learning activities that can utilize the Arduino platform include robotics, drones and navigation, 3D printers, data loggers, renewable energy systems, agriculture, home automation, etc. Raspberry Pi workshops help teachers introduce a variety of programming and coding learning tools with fun and interesting activities.

3D Programming Professional Development Workshops

3D CAD Design + 3D Printing + 3D Programming = 3D Literacy®

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