3DX - The Ultimate 3D eXperience

What is 3DX?

3DX is the ultimate series of classes for people who want to learn a variety of engineering skills in a hands-on, trial-by-error, project-based environment. Students learn the design, electrical, creating parts, coding and assembly of your own creations of 3D technologies. 3DX classes provide weekly exercises using a variety of 3D CAD design software, 3D printers and other machines to create physical parts for electrical/mechanical components that will be programmed to interact with the 3D environment.

Check out the highlights from 3DX Arduino Level 1 – Fall 2016 video below.

concept to reality graphicStudents will utilize the Concept-to-Reality Process when approaching technical problems throughout the course. Trial and error will be encouraged and independent problem solving skills will be strengthened and tested. 3DX is geared on teaching students not only to learn about technology, but how to push it forward through experimentation.

3DX Class Objectives

3DX students will learn how to explore a variety of 3D technologies and tools including open source hardware and software while creating projects to gain a deeper understanding of how basic technologies work. This includes 3D CAD designing to create components for the project, G-Code programming with 3D printing software and operating 3D printers to create the parts, basic wiring and assembly along with introductory Arduino programming. By completing many small projects using a variety of open source technologies students will gain a foundation of knowledge and skills that fosters creativity and encourages innovative problem solving.

3DX is designed for students to learn how to create their own 3D printed projects in rapid succession. Week after week they will be asked to design, print, and program a new project thus practicing and implementing the “Concept-to-Reality” process.

3DX Workshops

Open Source Classroom’s 3DX Workshops are designed to help prepare instructors for teaching open source robotics. Knowledge and understanding of 3D Literacy fundamentals are essential for individuals who are interested in designing and creating 3D projects. These workshops will provide a vast overview of necessary skill and tools required to teach 3DX in the classroom setting.

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Teach multiple engineering skills at once!

3D Printing and Manufacturing

3D printing is the ultimate experience for rapid part creation.  Brainstorm what’s needed, and make it!

3D CAD Design Engineer

Learn how to solve problems and exercise your creativity with CAD design while learning valuable engineering skills.

Electrical Engineering

Practice your electrical engineering skills by designing and building all types of electrical circuits.

Computer Science

Learn how to integrate different types of hardware and software through the magic of CODING!

Project Management Skills

3DX classes provide excellent project management experience since the classes are merely a series of projects.

Resourceful Problem Solver

Learn how to find useful and necessary information from open source and free resources on the internet.

3DX Level 1

3DX Level 1 workshop helps to prepare an instructor to be able to teach the first 6 projects of 3DX.

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3DX Level 2

3DX Level 2 workshop helps to prepare an instructor to be able to teach the second 6 projects of 3DX.

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3DX Level 3

Design and build your own robots. After mastering the basics from Level 1 and 2, this workshop helps to prepare teachers to have students design and build their own robots.

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Build Your Own CNC Mill Workshops

Get started today!

BYO CNC Mill Workshop

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