Robotics Workshops

Open Source Classroom is proud to offer robotics professional development workshops.  Our workshops help prepare instructors on how to build any type of robot including the design, 3D printing, assembly, coding, and testing.  There are hundreds of thousands of open source robots that plans are freely available to the public. Knowledge and understanding of how to access and utilize these plans is the main focus of the workshop. Learning how to build and operate an open source robot project will expand an instructor’s ability to provide cutting edge educational opportunities for their students. This workshop will provide a vast overview of open source robotics technology, fundamental skills of operation of hardware and control software, as well as an introduction to various digital reference resources.

Robotics are growing fast! Are your teachers ready?

Teachable robotics

Learn how to build robots that can be taught how to complete tasks and solve problems.

Mobile robotics

Self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles are the future of transportation, are your teachers prepared?

Robotics in manufacturing

3D printers and CNC mills have quickly revolutionized manufactuirng. Learning how to utilize these machines is a precursor to robot assembly lines.

Open source = budget friendly

Teaching robotics from open source platforms enables both teachers and students to have free access to all the robotics information.

Robotics professional development workshops

Teachable Robotics

Learn how to build your own teachable robots from the Arduino robotics platform.

Autonomous Robotics

Design and build your own autonomous robots that can detect and avoid objects while moving.

Building a Drone

With thousands of open source drone design freeely available online, this is a great robotics project.

Want to learn CODING first? Check our our programming workshops...

Build Your Own Robotics Workshops

Students soldering wires

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