Sir Charles Leonardo ISocial Enthusiast

areas of expertise
  • Smiling
  • Eating
  • Licking
  • Being petted
  • Talking
  • MBA, School of Chuckle Knuckle, Dogamouth University
  • BS, Engineering dog bones, K9 University of Lake House
  • Certificate, Puppy 1, Petco Puppy School

Chuck loves to have a good time. He can often be found trying to get customers to feed him treats or give him a belly rub.


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“I have been teaching 3D printing at the college level for six years. I assumed that I would be learning about assembling a 3D printer. However, in the process of assembling the 3D printer, I learned so much more about 3D printing than I could have ever imagined.”

John Bordeau
Computer Graphic Technology, Kankakee Community College